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Our Services

Ye Olde Hog Roast's customers are your customers. Our established history and long track-record catering for many of the UK's premier events guarantees that the quality of our service and product maintains that standards that you yourself offer them. Working in partnership with us offers better returns and more content clients - and a happy customer will return again and again. The wide range of food and drinks that we offer always maintain a high standard of quality and value.

  • Baguettes & Sandwiches

    Baguettes & Sandwiches

    What our clients say...

    Dear Mr. Lowman, Thank you so much for making my 50th birthday party such a wonderful success. The food was absolutely delicious and I’ve passed your company’s name to my friends for future reference. I really enjoyed working with all of you. I’ll be calling again next year.

    Joan Samuel

    Baguettes & Sandwiches

    All our baguettes sandwiches and salads are made fresh each day ensuering a quality product with hot or cold fillings

    Hot fillings
    Philadephia steak
    A glorious steak sandwich or baguette topped with cheddar cheese and caromilised onion.
    Honey Roast Ham
    Our very own recipe for our freshly baked honey roast ham garnish with either dijon mustard garlic mayonase or on its own ( that’s how I like it )
    Back Bacon
    Rashes of grilled smoked Back  bacon on a freshly baked baguette with either HP sauce or Hinze tomato sauce ( just what’s needed to start the day)

    Cold Fillngs
    Ham salad, cheese salad, prawn salad, chicken & mango, BLT etc...